Some ksld projects ...
100 days Exhibition, Expo 98 Celtic Gateway Bridge St Mungo’s Church
Thinktank, Millenium Point Scottish Power Headquarters Hopetoun House, North Wing
Iona Abbey Museum House for an Art Lover KSLD Christmas Cards 1993-2013

KSLD is an independent lighting design consultancy with clients across the globe. Established in 1989 we have a long record of successful projects including Arts Centres, Museums and Galleries, Hotels and Restaurants, Commercial and Historic Buildings.

Our lighting designers are selected from Arts, Architecture and Theatre backgrounds; we deal with light as a design medium, unique in its lack of substance but vital in creating the visual impact of the project.


Kevan is a speaker at the Museums Association 'Bright Ideas: new developments in museum lighting" conference on 30th April. He will be discussing his research on LED colour for museums and galleries.