5 Ways to Spruce up Your Lights for Winter 01 November 2016

Ah, the nights’ a fir drawin’ in! With the increasing darkness, people are spending more time indoors, and those that are outside need more light. How are the lights on your property? Keep reading to identify the ways you can make your property light beautiful.

Stobo Castle -- Lighting Design by KSLD

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CPD at the Royal Blind School Edinburgh 16 September 2016

When practicing lighting design, a lot of focus is directed to make a functional lighting system for the users. To broaden our views we went to a lecture at the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh about how people with impaired vision use lighting in their life and what the common struggles are. We met up with Sally Paterson who gave us a few captivating hours at the Royal Blind School.
Royal Blind School Edinburgh logo

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Cleaning the Old KSLD Neon Sign 12 May 2016

Back when Kevan first started KSLD as Kevan Shaw Lighting Design some 20-odd years ago, he had a custom neon sign created. Visitors to our office may have noticed its absence over the last few months as it was away getting restored and repaired. The sign is now back, but needs a good clean.

Halfway Done Cleaning the KSLD Neon Sign

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How Do We Do It? Stobo Castle Exterior and Flambeaux 06 April 2016

How does lighting design happen? First there is a place to be lit, then there is inspiration, then creativity, then a lot of hard work, and finally the end result, a beautifully-lit space. See how we did it at Stobo Castle Hotel & Spa in these videos.

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MIT announce research into high efficiency incandescent 12 January 2016

the lamp!


Peter Bermel , Gang Chen, John D. Joannopoulos ,Ivan Celanovic and Marin Soljačić from MIT published a letter in Nature Nanotechnology pre-anouncing work they have been doing with an efficient incandescent lightsource

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Pumpkin Carving 28 October 2015

KSLD carves some pumpkins for Halloween

KSLD Jack O Lanterns

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Kevan at Lights in Alingsås 07 October 2015

Kevan Shaw Light Art Alingsås 2015

Kevan Shaw led a team of lighting design students and graduates in creating a beautiful dynamic lighting set piece at Lights in Alingsås 2015.

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Claire & Natalie Raise £285 for Edinburgh Sick Kids 07 October 2015

Claire Hope and Natalie Redford ran the Scottish Half Marathon on 19 September 2015 to raise money for Edinburgh Sick Kids

Tom, Claire & Natalie before the marathon

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Natalie & Claire Run (Half) Marathon for Sick Kids 15 July 2015

KSLD lighting designers Claire Hope and Natalie Redford will be running in the Scottish Half Marathon on 19 September and raising funds for the Edinburgh Sick Kids foundation.

KSLD marathon feet

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Illuminance or Luminance?: Light Levels and Visual Perception 25 June 2015

Efi Stragali discusses illuminance and luminance in visual perception.
KSLD Work Station at Two Light Levels

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