KSLD carves some pumpkins for Halloween

KSLD Jack O Lanterns

As our Creative Day (although it was more like a couple of creative hours), KSLD carved some pumpkins for Halloween.


For some members of staff, this was a first. Kevan had said that he had carved turnips in the past, and while Efi was familiar with cooking with pumpkins she had never carved one for a holiday. But everyone got right into it! Silence fell as each designer used knife, box cutter or scalpel to etch their designs in.

The results were spectacular. Note the textures on Claire’s trees, and the gentle uplighting of the mohawk on Kevan’s Punk-kin. The use of the pumpkin’s own textures made Becky’s particularly horrifying, while the tail on Natalie’s cat made some spectacular shadows. Kristjan’s Janus pumpkin brought a bit of variety, and Efi’s had a spooky grin and a beautifully creepy spider on the back.

The creation of these pumpkins involved a moodboard of examples of pumpkins online, a small discussion of techniques, a variety of tools, and severals tests with tea lights in a darkened corner to see how the work progressed. The pumpkins were donated to Natalie’s Halloween party.