Kevan Shaw Light Art Alingsås 2015

Kevan Shaw led a team of lighting design students and graduates in creating a beautiful dynamic lighting set piece at Lights in Alingsås 2015.

Lights in Alingsås is an annual lighting design event held in Alingsås, Sweden by Alingsås Municipality and the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD). This year, Kevan Shaw was among seven lighting designers chosen to lead in creating a light art installation for visitors.


The photographs here are taken by photographer Patrik Gunnar Helin and copyright Alingsås Kommun.

Kevan’s team was:

Ekblom Andreas, Oscar Barenius, Eliran Benshoshan, Time Berglund, Markus Bergstrand, Eric Bertsson, Emil Eld, Lukas Larsson, Sun Tuan Huynh, Eliya Monderer, Claudine Park, Gemma Thompson, Geremia Tonarelli, and Eirik Tovar.

The installation was inspired by natural light, illustrating a lightning storm in a forest, sending a single bright bolt to the ground, creating a roaring fire among the trees. A dynamic lighting installation, the still photographs hardly do the pace and motion of the piece justice. Check out the video of his team’s light art installation on our Facebook!