In the course of a visit to Chonqing as a member of the International Advisory Committee of the Chinese Lighting Designers Association, Kevan has discovered a significant alternative causal factor of Global Warming.



Chonqing is believed to be the worlds largest city with a population estimated at around 18 million people in the city with an area of 2,113.1 square miles and 30 million in the surrounding municipality .  The local cuisine is typical of the Sichuan region and the particular speciality of the city is the Hotpot. This is typically served in restaurants with square tables. In the centre of each is a circular aperture with a 4 Kw gas ring. The hot pot itself is a large wok shaped vessel either with a divider or with a second bowl in the centre. Typically a small restaurant will have around 12 tables with seating for 96. The Hotpot contains a cooking broth the contents of which are the real subject for the story. A large number of red chillies and a spectacular number of whole peppercorns are fried in oil then a prepared broth with noodles and vegetables is added and the whole lot placed on the gas ring on the table. Various interesting things are provided to be cooked in the hot pot, interesting as being unidentifiable as any recognisable part of a vegetable animal or fish. While the copious use of gas to keep the hotpot boiling for the duration of the meal certainly produces considerable CO2 it is the thermal potential of the cooking broth that is the major source of concern as a factor in global warming.


Effects of frequent Hotpot consumption on Chongqing student


Certainly the copious sweating, reddening of the skin and tingling sensations resulting from the consumption of the items cooked in this broth suggests that irrespective of the CO2 the heating factor of the food could cause as much as a 1° rise in the global temperature given the size of the population regularly ingesting this food!






Members of the International Advisory Committee to the Chinese Lighting Designer’s Association investigating the Hotpot theory following the opening of the 100 Lighting Design Projects exhibition at the Chongqing Art University.